john stulz

A is for_____
Kaneko Arts, Omaha, NE
The New Philharmonic
assembled by John Stulz and Vimbayi Kaziboni


ATTENTION! ATTENTION! ATUNE AUDITORY ATTENTION AROUND AN AUDIO ADVERTISEMENT: A is for... An anarchic aleatoric actiona assemblage archive. An activity array as anomalous as adult party games and aerodynamics aus dem sieben tag, as androgens articulating A-words and As alone across all avowals, as auctioned Air-de-Omaha alluding to Air-de-Paris and Air on the G-string, as angry aristocrats abetting antiphonies and anti-musical ampersands adjudicating anti-jokes (aruguably anti-funnies, ahahaha...) all as arrogant aleutians attack aces, apples to apples and awol artistic directors, all as Antonin Artaud and Austrian Actionists agglomerate apropos Anaktoria, a rose is a rose is a round, arias, aluminum alloy, anvils, and auditions ASLP (as slow as possible, apparently), all as Afghan Astrophysicians amble about Algiers, awkwardly alone and aligned and asleep, as abrasive anti-clerical assholes aim allusive arrows at all awe. A is for... an amazing aleph arising ambitiously after arguments and accommodations and apparent amnesia. An active acoustic accumulation around anomalous ambiguous accidental authoritarianism. AAA Audience: Applaud allied artisans applying authentic artistry aptly! Asexual Androids Aplenty! Aegean Arithmetic Abalone! Arduous Algae! Apples and Ale! Asian Alabaman Alawites! ADD all around! A is for... an acidic associative activity ameliorating all apathy! Anything awry? Absolutely! A is for... Aki and Ariko after all!

A440 Time Canon (John Stulz) Electronics | A from Eunoia (Christian Bok) Poetry | A Major Etude (Matteo Carcassi) Guitar | "A" Pop Song (Unknown/TBA) Voice | A Piece for Chieko Shiomi (Robert Bozzi) Ladder and Objects | A Rose Is A Rose Is A Round (James Tenney) Voices | ABC (The Jackson Five) Recording | A Scales | Aces | Aces Apple Ale | Adagio (Robert Schumann) Guitar | Adelita (Francesco Tarrega) Guitar | Adult Party Games from the Leisure Planet: 1st Principals of Aerodynamics - For Gary Boggess - For Bill Mullane - For Linda Tadic - For Myself - For Chieko Shiomi - One Zen Please, With A Twist - For Giovanna Caicco - Stones - Wake Up Call - For Mark Cunningham (Arthur Jarvinen) Variable | Afghanistan | Air (Thomas Robinson) Guitar | Airbag (Radiohead) Recording | Air on the G-String (Bach) arr. Winds/Strings | Alejandro (Lady Gaga) Recording | Algebra | All That Fall (Samuel Beckett) Radio Play | Allegretto Un Poco Vivace (Manuel Ponce) Guitar | Allegro (Maurio Giulliani) Guitar | All You Need Is Love (The Beatles) Recording | The Aleph (Jorge Luis Borges) Short Story | Amazing Grace (John Stulz) Viola | America (Allen Ginsberg) Poetry | America (Simon and Garfunkel) Recording | Amen (Elliot Cole) Twelve Percussion | Amnesia | Anniversary (Ken Friedman) Sneezer and Anniversary Postcard | Anaktoria (Iannis Xenakis) Eight Musicians and Conductor | Anarchy in the UK (The Sex Pistols) Recording | An Anarchist Manifesto (London Anarchist Communist Alliance) Speaker | Anderson Ben {Opus 46 and Opus 27] various | Anomalies | Antiphonies (Kaziboni/Stulz) winds | Anvil Chorus (David Lang) Percussion | Aperghis, Georges (Recitation 11) Voice | accidents | Applause (Audience) Hands | Apples (Ben Vautier) Quartet and Apples | Apple Cider (Hard and Soft) Drink and Drinkers | Apples to Apples (Game) Apples to Apples Cards and Players | Arcarsinal (At The Drive-In) Recording | Aria (John Cage) Voice | Arithmetic | Arrogant Bastard Ale | Art | Art of Fugue: Contrapunctus 1 & 2 (J.S. Bach) arr. Winds/Strings | Antonin Artaud Book (Antonin Artaud) Book | A$$ (Big $ean) Recording | Assembling | ASLP (John Cage) Organ | "Astrophysics" form Hughes Lectures (Richard Feynman) Lecturer | At The Bottom Of Everthing (Bright Eyes) | Attune (Larry Miller) Voice | Audience PIece 10 (Ben Vautier) Observer With Binoculars | Auditions | Aus Dem Sieben Tag: Treffpunkt - Richtige Dauern - Setz Die Siegel - Intensitat - Goldstaub (Karlheinz Stockhausen) Variable


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Amanda DeBoer Bartlett, voice | Mike Prucha, oboe | Samuel Bertino, Clarinet | Jeff McCray, bassoon | Katie Cooley, horn | Helen Dowd, violin | Alexis Nachtigal, violin | John Stulz, viola | Sophie Potter, cello | Max Stehr, bass | Tony Batenhorst, percussion | Jared Brown, percussion | Ed Getzlaff, percussion | Ben Hutchinson, percussion | Philip Kolbo, percussion | Aaron Mathis, percussion | April McCloskey Stehr, percussion | Ian McCollum, percussion | Sam Morgan, percussion | Brenna Petersen, percussion | Jordan Pullen, percussion | Kellen Smith, percussion | Stacy Barelos, piano | Ben Eisenberger, guitar | Vimbayi Kaziboni, conductor/dj

A is for_____ was presented thanks to the generosity of Jared Brown, Drew Dietle, and Ian McCollum

The New Philharmonic is: Vimbayi Kaziboni, artistic director | Aaron Markley, operations manager | Paige Reitz, communications director | Hannah Meyer, personnel manager | Amanda de Boer Bartlett | Christine Beard

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