john stulz
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John Stulz

viola etudes
20 studies for solo viola (2022)
Left Hand Study (2018)

la grande neige (2020)
three songs for high voice and piano
on texts of Yves Bonnefoy
premiered by Lucy Fitz Gibbon and Ryan McCullough
VIVO Music Festival, august 2020

2 time studies for solo clarinet (2020)
Time Study 1 | premiered by Gabriel Campos Zamora
Time Study 2 | premiered by Martin Adamek
VIVO Music Festival, august 2020

the one eyed bandit (2017)
arrangements of Oskar von Wolkenstein
for two violas and clarinet
premiered by Corey Worley, John Stulz, and Martin Adamek, October 4, 2017 at Oberlin Conservatory

second-hand time (2016)
variable instrumentation
premiered by Siwoo Kim and Bridget Kibbey at the VIVO Music Festival, August 31, 2016
score | article

four canons (2014)
variable instrumentation
premiered by Diamanda Dramm and John Stulz, September 25, 2014 Splendor Amsterdam
score | video

herzstück (virus canon for Vimbayi) (2014)
variable instrumentation
premiered by the New Philharmonic (Omaha), January 10, 2015

grotesk grotesk (2014)
string trio and tape
premiered by Siwoo Kim, John Stulz, and Alice Yoo at Spectrum NYC, December 1, 2014
score | audio

ligeti simulation 1 (2013-2014)
solo viola
premiered by John Stulz at Spectrum NYC, December 1, 2014

December Steps (2012)
viola and electronics
a series of 8 electro-acoustic works created in December of 2012. Each work was made by electronically processing raw material created on the viola.
audio | blurred strokes score | textures 1 score